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There are few things as potentially disastrous as a slab leak. A steady stream of water from a leaky pipe will erode the foundation of your home if a slab leak goes undetected for too long, creating a domino-effect of multiple costly problems in a row. Even looking for a slab leak is destructive, as an inexperienced plumber might have to create multiple holes in your floor to reach the foundation.

That’s why you need to invest in an experienced and licensed slab leak repair technician, not a handyman or bargain plumber.  

Since 1995, Howze Plumbing has been synonymous with high-quality repair and excellent service. From free estimate to final cleanup, our plumbers are among the most highly trained and experienced technicians in the region.

Our premium craftworkers’ approach to plumbing repair with slab leaks means we can minimize the damage and interruption to your home through cutting-edge tools and methods. It also means we don’t rely on cheap tricks or gimmicks, instead opting to create the best possible experience for our customers. 

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How Long Does it Take to Fix a Slab Leak?

The duration to repair a slab leak can differ based on the seriousness of the leak and the specific details of the situation. Initially, locating the leak is the primary task, which can be a bit complex. After identifying the leak's position, the concrete slab covering it needs to be accessed, often involving cutting into the floor. Then, the damaged pipe is repaired or replaced, and the floor is restored to its original state. Typically, the entire process can take several hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the leak and the accessibility of the affected area. 

Prevent Costly Water Damage with Professional Leak Detection

Leak detection is a crucial service that can help prevent costly water damage to your home. Whether it's a slab leak, a hidden pipe leak, or a leaky fixture, our expert plumbers at Howze Plumbing have the knowledge and tools to accurately locate and repair leaks in your home.

Ignoring a leak can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and high water bills. Our team can quickly and efficiently identify the source of the leak and provide high-quality repair services to ensure your home stays safe and dry.

Benefits of professional leak detection and repair include:

  • Preventing water damage to your home
  • Preserving the structural integrity of your property
  • Saving money on water bills
  • Prolonging the lifespan of your plumbing system

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High-Level Plumbing Service Since 1995

People who are wise with their finances understand that you get what you pay for. Nowhere is that truer than in plumbing. In an industry overrun with untrained or inexperienced handymen, our licensed plumbers believe that good work is worth our time and effort. With something as high-stakes as a slab leak, you cannot afford to turn your home over to plumbing technicians who don’t know what they’re doing.  

Our team handles every step of slab leak repair with excellence:

  • Leak detection
  • Leak repair
  • Pipe rerouting
  • Foundation repair

Taking pride in our work is why we can offer transparent pricing. Leave the gimmicks and tricks to the hucksters and hacks; we’re professional slab leak technicians with nearly 30 years of experience. We know how much detection and repair will cost, and we make sure you know too. It’s why we’ve been voted a top plumbing company in Tarrant County, and it’s why our customers call us again and again when they need leak detection and repair.  

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Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a slab leak?

Common signs of a slab leak include unexplained increases in your water bill, the sound of running water when no faucets are on, damp or warm spots on your floor, and cracks in your walls or flooring.

Can I repair a slab leak myself?

Repairing a slab leak is a complex and specialized task that requires professional expertise and equipment. Attempting to repair a slab leak without the necessary skills and tools can lead to further damage and costly repairs. It's best to leave slab leak repair to experienced professionals.

What are the potential consequences of ignoring a slab leak?

Ignoring a slab leak can lead to extensive damage to your home's foundation, resulting in costly repairs. It can also lead to mold growth, decreased property value, and increased water bills. Addressing a slab leak promptly is essential to prevent these consequences.

How can I prevent slab leaks in the future?

To prevent slab leaks, it's important to schedule regular plumbing inspections, maintain proper water pressure, and address any plumbing issues promptly. Additionally, avoiding harsh chemical drain cleaners and being mindful of what goes down your drains can help prevent slab leaks.

What are the common causes of slab leaks?

Common causes of slab leaks include corrosion of pipes, shifting soil, high water pressure, and improper installation of pipes. Environmental factors, such as seismic activity, can also contribute to slab leaks.

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